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January 2019 – FINALLY our Ecohound small poo bag rolls with handy tie handles are back in stock.  Our most sincere apologies to all our loyal repeat customers who missed these bags for the few months that they where out of stock.  We have changed the design slightly and removed the star bottom creating a slightly more spacious small bag which is easier to use.  If you are looking for a small waste bag on a roll with tie handles for small dog’s then please do give our Ecohound small waste bags a try.  Our small olive green waste bags come in a handy box of 16 rolls and a total of 240 waste bags.

2018 Our New Products – 2018 has been a very busy year for us at poobagsdirect.  The launch of so many new dog waste bag products offering our customers so much more choice for their dog’s waste collection.  A great new introduction was our poobagsdirect dog waste bags with hanging tab.  The hanging tab allows you to hang your dog waste bags conveniently in various places around the house, dog related business premises or dog walkers van.  Just pull of the required quantity before setting off on your dog walk.  These bags come in bundles of 100’s and available to purchase in quantities of 300 to 20,000 on our poobagsdirect site.

Another great launch was our Ecohound 500 boxes of dark green dog waste bags in a handy top opening box.  These are fantastic large, thick, opaque dog poop bags able to tackle any dog waste it comes up against.   At 17 micron in thickness and with and increased dye content they are a superior quality robust dog poo bag.  They are definitely fast becoming one of our top sellers on poobagsdirect.  Cutting down on excess packaging the bags come in a handy top opening box, the bags are then separated into 5 individual piles of 100 dirt bags within the box.  This way it is also easy to spot when you are down to your last pile of dog bags and you know its time to re-order.

Summer 2018 – New Ecohound dispensers for dog waste bags rolls.  We love these new dispensers.  Each dispenser comes with a roll of 15 olive green Ecohound standard poo bags.  The dispenser is cylinder shaped with a hook and loop attachment to hook onto your dog lead, belt, dog walkers or dog treat bag.  All of our dog waste bag rolls fit into our Ecohound dispensers giving you plenty of choice of bags within our website.  To replace the waste bag roll just unscrew the cylinder, pop the new roll in and screw tightly shut.  Enjoy your dog walks with Ecohound!


Nearly February Already 2018 – Our new Ecohound 300 rolls with tie handles have just arrived, 20 rolls of 15 bags in bottle green.  Medium to large sized so suitable for most dogs.  This is definitely the largest bag you are going to find on a roll.  We have also tried them out in our new poo bag dispensers that will be arriving next month, they fit perfectly and dispense really easily.  Please do give them a try.  Photos being taking over the weekend and they should be up for sale next week….First week in February

January 2018 – It’s the year of the dog, that means 2018 is going to be a fantastic year for Ecohound and poobagsdirect with the launch of our new wholesale website www.ecohound.co.uk and lots of exciting new products to give our valued customers plenty of choice.  No matter what size your dog is we can supply the right poo bag to pick up your dogs waste with confidence.  Launching this year is our Ecohound dark green with easy tie handles in 500 packs at 17 micron in thickness, our Ecohound 300 packs on rolls of 15 a piece also in a nice dark bottle green to help hide any contents until you find a dog waste bin and our long awaited dog poo bag dispensers suitable for any one of our poo bag rolls.  All these products are due in within the next few months to meets with our customers need for choice and diversity when looking for a suitable waste bag.  Toy dogs, small dogs, medium, large and Extra Large at Poobagsdirect we have it covered.


September 2017 – Its been a busy old summer for us with lots going on. After a little bit of a delay we are happy to introduce our new bumper pack of Ecohound rolls with dog waste bag dispenser, the pack contains 52 rolls, one roll of 15 bags for each week of the year and a handy dispenser to keep your dog dirt bags in whilst out and about with your four legged friends.  Our BUMPER pack which contains at total of 780 bags in a handy box that can be easily stored in your kitchen, hall cupboard or garage.  Every inch of our packaging is recyclable so boxes and roll cores can all go out with your paper and card recycling.  Your used dog waste bags must still be disposed of in general waste unless your local council have requested otherwise.  We have also launched our Ecohound biodegradable vest bags 300 pack in a handy dispenser box this September, nice large loose bags with tie handles nicely packed in neat bundles of 100.  Just tear along the perforated line to the rear of the box and whip out a few bags for your doggie walk and ready to go.  We love this new box in our warehouse and think its perfect addition to our growing family of poo bags,  poo bags to for dogs and their surprises of all shapes and sizes

March 2017 –
This summer poobagsdirect and scot-petshop will sponsoring Dog Jog, so come and have a bark  in the park from July to October in 17 different locations around the UK! 

We have provided 6000 of our large biodegradable dog waste bags to be handed out to joggers and their four legged friends before each run.  The 5k runs will take place in all the cities below, you can run for a charity, for fun, for a little bit of exercise and some fresh air with friends, there is no time limit and both you and your dog will receive a doggy bag jammed with goodies when you cross the line.  You still have time to register and take part, just click on your city link below for further information.

March 2017 –
Do you work within the dog industry, if so why not register with the Dog Business Network.

Their site is for discussion between all professionals of the dog world and allows for specific groups of professionals to discuss their line of work privately in closed groups.  Share your specialist knowledge, interact and build relationships with like minded people.

All registered users with the Dog Business Network will also receive 10% discount off your poobagsdirect orders over £25.00 (see our terms and conditions)

March 2017 – It’s been a very busy start to the year for the ScotPetshop and PooBagsDirect team with the launch of our Ecohound Compostable Caddy Liners and now we wish to introduce our new Scot-Petshop Tie Handle dog waste bags on a roll.  We listened to our customers needs for a larger dog waste bag on a roll with easy tie handles, dark green, that would fit a standard dispenser or sit nicely in the pocket and of course like all our bags they needed to be BIODEGRADABLE.  After months of discussion with our manufacturing team, various prototype bags and a bit of hair pulling (my own) we finally decided on a medium to large sized dog waste bag with tie handles in 15 micron thickness and they just fit into a nice tightly packed roll.

They are not perfect, we did want to manufacture a BIG BIG bag like our flat packed large vest bags that quite simply suitable for whatever your dogs wants to poop out for you but on a roll that could fit into a poo bag dispenser this is NOT possible.  We can safely say the bag we have manufactured is most definitely the biggest dog bag you will find on a roll with tie handles.

We like them, our test team of local dog walkers LOVE them so all in all we are very happy with our new tie handle dog waste bags ad are proud to add them to our ever expanding range.

February 2017 –
Sees the exciting launch of our new Ecohound Compostable Caddy and Bin Liner range.  Our Caddy Liners are available in 7 Litre, 10 Litre and 25 Litre whilst our bin liner / garden waste liners are available in a large 80 Litre size.

Our liners are fully biodegradable and compostable leaving no harmful residue so are as Eco Friendly as they can possibly be.

Our Caddy range is made from a fully formulated bio-plastic, based on polyesters of Polylactide Acid (PLA) and other proprietary ingredients, derived from vegetable material. Liners and sacks will fully decompose within the normal 6-10 week composting cycle and are accredited to meet the stringent composting standard EN13432.

We hope you will love this new addition to our range as much as we do.

April 2016 – £100 Fine or A Pocket Full Of Planet Friendly Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags

Don’t get caught short when out and about with your furry best friend and make sure you stock up on our biodegradable dog waste bags, stuff them in every pocket, pop them in a poop bag roll dispenser, get your dog to carry its own in a pannier or store them in a side pocket of your treat bag dispenser.  We sell 1000 large biodegradable bags for just £20.99 inclusive of UK Mainland delivery, 1000 bags will normally last over 1 year when picking up your pups daily poops.

Having a dog comes with responsibilities, dog waste in public areas is such a widespread nuisance spoiling our beautiful woodlands, parks and beaches.  It also poses a serious health risk, particularly to our young children. If you get caught walking your dog without a waste bag to clear up your dogs mess under new law you could face an expensive £100 on the spot fine.  So please be a responsible dog owner, carry a few extra doggie dirt bags on every walk so when your dog needs to go you are prepared to Bag it and Bin it.

November 2015 – We Want To Brag About Ecohound Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags – We Love Them!

So our first Ecohound biodegradable dog waste bags are now up for sale and have been a great hit with our customers.  Our dog poo bags are strong, earth friendly and affordable, buy our poop bags in bulk and make great savings.

Ecohound Vest Dog Waste Bags 240Our small vest style dog waste bags on a roll have been a bigger success than we first thought they would be, they are a great solution for small to medium sized dogs with their small to medium sized dog mess.  The small poop bags rolls fit perfectly into any standard waste bag dispenser or can sit loose in your pocket.  The bags tear off so easily, just unravel, pick up your doggie waste then tie the handles securely to trap in any unwanted smell until you find a poop bag bin.

Ecohound Pantry 300 Rolled Out

The Pantry roll is great for storing your biodegradable dog waste bags in the utility room or garage.  On the way out on your daily dog walks just tear off a few bags from the tissue box style dispenser and pop in your pocket.

Our standard poo bags on a roll and standard loose Ecohound large dog poop bags with handles are new versions of our poobagsdirect range, the size and quality of these waste bags remain the same, we have just introduced the bags in a lovely moss green colour to offer more choice to our customers.

Ecohound Dog Poo Bags 240 - 16 RollsIf you are looking for Planet Friendly biodegradable dog poop bags UK or any one of the European countries we deliver too, if you are looking for to bulk buy your dog waste bags or purchase a small box of bags you can do it all at Poo Bags Direct.

Our website is simple to use and very secure using paypal or Worldpay for payment, however if you prefer the convenience of your Ebay service or Amazon Prime account our poop bags are readily available on both these sites.

July 2015 – We have uncovered hidden talent within our warehouse team.  Our team member Callum Duncan produced this fantastic advert to promote PooBagsDirect.  Watch it, like it and share it with your dog lover friends for us.

July 2015 – We are getting really excited now about the arrival of our new Ecohound range, all listings are ready to go, our vest bags on a roll are delayed and they are now arriving in September but all other bags arriving in 3 weeks time.

June 2015 – Our new Ecohound by poobagsdirect biodegradable poo bag range is due in mid August.  We have introduced moss green standard vest bags, vest bags on a roll, standard bags and apantry roll, poo bags to fit the needs of all our customers and their dogs.

For a free sample on arrival please email us via our contact form

February 2015 – Good news is our new poo bags on a roll are selling well, so well we are now adding another two new product lines for Summer 2015. The feedback we have received so far has been fantastic, the main thing for us is the biodegradability but our customers are loving the fact that they can now have a strong, reliable poo bag on a roll that will fit in a standard dispenser. Poobagsdirect Poo Bag Single Roll

We are looking forward to adding our new range and making poobagsdirect the best eco friendly and most reliable poo bag brand in the UK. We also have an animation being produced by one of our team, it has ben exciting so far watching it all come together and we hope to be showcasing on our website very soon.



August 2014 – Exciting times ahead so time to start our blog.  PooBagsDirect was launched as a sister site to our online pet store Scot-Petshop earlier this year to allow our customers to buy any amount of poo bags from us direct on a site dedicated to Poo Bags.

The production of our new large biodegradable poop bags on a roll is near completion so will be available for sale early October.  We have put a lot of time and effort into the design and production of our new bags and we hope you will love them as much as we do.

IMG_6708 IMG_67160

The production of our PooBagsDirect large dark green bags are also in the final stages of production.  These bags are 15 micron thick and identical in size, quality and thickness of our well established Scot-Petshop Doggy Dirt Bag brand.