Testimonials for our dog poo bags

We would love to hear what you think about our dog poo bags or if you just want to add a picture of your beloved dog to our photo gallery, just email us at sales@poobagsdirect.co.uk. In the meantime, please read our testimonials for dog poo bags from some of our Poo Bags Direct customers: 

Biodegradable, too! – Nobody likes picking up their dog poop but what’s even worse is the thought that using a regular plastic bag means that the poop will sit in a landfill for hundreds and thousands of years. A biodegradable bag means that it will break down and let the poop return to the earth where it can be used again.

Maria Walden, January 2017

A Personal Thank you – I would like to say a personal Thank you to your company for a very quick delivery of poop bags to myself.Also a huge thank you for reading my note on the order and including a donation of poop bags for my up coming auction.  It is with donations like these that help the rescue to do what it does and without donations like these we would not be able to save as many souls as we do. Thank you so much once again.

Victoria Windsor, January 2017

No splitting – Id just like to say i love your poo bags, there the only ones that don’t split i think there great! So thank you

Malcolm Richens, September 2016

Speedy Delivery – Just a thank you for the fantastic delivery time for the poo bags I received from you yesterday , I only ordered them just after 10am on Monday and they arrived by just after 1pm Tuesday , from one end of the country to the other fantastic ,will recommend you ,one happy costumer

Alison Monklands, June 2016

No More Accidents – How many times do you bend down to pick up your dog’s mess and the bag you have tried to save money on is just too flimsy! Well, I have and then you are away from anywhere you can clean up and you are cursing money saving and thinking these useless bags are also going to be here long long after I and my beautiful dog are gone.  So how great would it be to have strong thick biodegradable bags and know you are not going to go through the bag and it won’t be so bad on our already marred world.

Lydia Roberts, May 2016

Nothing Else – I have been buying these bags for years now, I love the fact they are biodegradable, big and strong and fairly cheap to buy,  I always buy in bulk, with 3 large dogs who poo a lot I get thought them pretty quick.  Would not use any other bags now.

Cornish Wafer, June 2015

Dog Poo – Amazing poem about dog poo written and sent to us by one of Scot-Petshop customers, Julie and her gorgeous dog Harvey (pictured below).  Thank you so much.

I know it sounds disgusting, but its a thing you have to do
If you live with man’s best fri…end you have to pick up poo!
They come in different sizes, that’s the poos not the dogs
That’s why I chose a little pooch, I don’t want to pick up logs!

Now if my furry friend goes to toilet in the garden
I tend to get sense of joy, if I find a harden
Because picking up the soft ones is really quite a task
Especially if the lawn needs mowing, your bag fills up with grass!

I like to try and keep my lawn, tidy, short and trim
I can then spot poos a mile off and get them bin
Autumn makes things tricky when the leaves fall to the ground
Its like playing spot the poo in the different shades of brown!

Now if your doggy likes to run to do his poop in peace
Finding it to pick it up is frustrating to say the least
In the winters frosty air, its not so difficult as it seems
The poop will show you where it is, just look out for the steam

I get in quite a pickle if my dog poops in a place
Where other dogs have done their business, a dilemma I must face.
Poop Identification, is it mines, or is it not
But I know if I get the right one, as I grab it, its still hot!

Now the most important thing of all, is if you own a dog
When they go to toilet, poop scooping is your job
Don’t ignore the doggy mess, it may end up on someone’s shoe
Make sure you always pick it up, the responsibility is down to you!

Poo bags I’ve tried a plenty, most break or are too small
Most not eco friendly, I must have tried them all
Nappy bags and tissues, I’ve put them to the test
But I can happily recommend, Scot-Petshop’s they’re the best!

Lucy Neil, April 2015

Great bags, good price and good service – Love those bags. They are fairly priced, good quality material, they look great and they are environmental friendly.

Michelle – Jan 2015

Very strong dog poop bags – best on the market  – These bags are excellent. They are very strong and also great value. I will certainly be re-ordering when I need some more, which with the great supply from this company will be quite a while. A really great purchase.

Shadow, May 2014

Passed the 80mph test!! – These poo bags are the best. I hate running out of them and having to buy cheap, smelly and flimsy ones from the shop. They really are much much better than your bulk standard poo bags. We did the 80mph test. Cheap ones can’t cope with being hooked over the tow hook at 80mph but these can:-) Do your poo bags pass the 80mph test???


Big poop bags required, I like to poo in the woods so good luck finding them!!Clear up after me, that is your job!!!Fudge & Oscar - We are pooping machines, get the bag ready!!Amy - My owner loves these biodegradable bags and I love my owner!!

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