Our Dog Poo Bags

Poobagsdirect offers a huge choice in dog waste bags giving you choice when selecting dog poo bags for picking up after your four legged friends.

We use two different technologies in our bags, exo bio-renewable and oxo-biodegradable.  We are also currently working with our production factories about increasing bio-renewable contents and the use of recycled plastic within our bags.

All our bags are strong, 100% leak proof and unscented so no sweet smelling fragranced poo’s eek

Our Exo bio-renewable bags come in our both the Scot-Petshop and Ecohound branding.  We have the Scot-Petshop Original at 15 micron in thickness (our most popular bag that has been in production for over 10 years).   Scot-Petshop Premium at 20 micron in thickness and our Scot-Petshop and Ecohound dog waste bag rolls with easy tie handles.

Scot-Petshop Original Dog Poo Bag

The first of our Poo Bags is the Vest Type Dog Poo Bag at 15 micron in thickness. The vest type is so called because of its resemblance to (you guessed it) a vest. This shape allows for the handles to be tied in an easy manner and limits how close your hands have to be to the actual mess while you tie the bag up.  When you knot the bag it will form an air tight seal which will eliminate odours and contamination and then all you have to do is dispose of it in a hygienic manner.

The bags come in packs of 100, 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 depending on your needs. Bulk orders are also available – contact us for details.

Scot-Petshop Premium Dog Poo Bag

The second of our Poo Bags is the Premium Dog Poo Bag at 20 micron in thickness. This bag is the same vest type as above but just that little bit thicker and stronger.  When you knot the bag it will form an air tight seal which will eliminate odours and contamination and then all you have to do is dispose of it in a hygienic manner.

The premium Poop Bag comes in packs of 100. 250. 500, 1000, 2000, and 4000 depending on your needs, and bulk orders are available – contact us for a great price.

Scot-Petshop & Ecohound Vest Rolls

Dog waste bags, medium to large planet friendly dog waste bags on a roll in a vest shape that can be easily tied after use to help lock in any odours.  Each of our poop bag dispenser box contains 20 rolls of 15 dog waste bags. We have put the best of all bags together to bring you these new dog waste bags for our Ecohound range.

Dark green in colour and opague –  hiding what you pick up.  Unscented – no funny smells or perfumed poop.  Medium Large – a good sized bag on a roll.  Tie handles – one of the first LARGE bags on a roll with tie handles.  On A Roll – pop in your pocket or in a poo bag dispenser ans just tear of as and when required.  Dispenser Box – dispense a roll at a time easily from the side of the box or just open the top to dispense and most importantly ECO FRIENDLY like all our own branded dog waste bags

More information useful info for you about EXO Technology

Our Oxo-Biodegradable bags come in Poobagsdirect, Scot-Petshop and Ecohound branding.  We have the Poobagsdirect dog poop bag rolls and new flat packed bags with handing tab, Scot-Petshop new flat packed bags in dark green and in our Ecohound waste bag range we have our Ecohound poo bags rolls, small vest rolls with tie handles all at 15 micron and our dark green flat packed bags at 17 micron in thickness.  So much choice providing you with the right bag for your dogs waste collection.

We will soon be changing may of our oxo-biodegradable bags to bio-renewable + recycled PE.  We will keep our customers updated on our progress throughout 2019 and 2020

Disposal of our bags

Be sure to put the waste in the bins marked for the disposal of dog poo in your local parks or by putting the bags in your general waste bins at home which have been designated for that kind of waste product – if in doubt ask your local council environmental health department.

Save over 60% buying online!

On the high street, you can pay £1.99 for 40 bags, which equates to 4.97 p per bag. Order your bags in bulk from us and you can get them for as little as 2p per bag. That’s a saving of over 60%! We offer free delivery on all orders placed on the this web site, and do contact us for special pricing on bulk orders of over 2000 bags.

No Quibble Guarantee

We also offer a No Quibble guarantee so that if you are not completely satisfied with our Poo Bags then you can send them back for a refund, no questions asked.

So if like most people you are fed up with using shoddy, cheap, thin and above all breakable carrier bags then Poo Bags Direct is the place for you. If you want more details please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Make your walks a happy experience and buy from Poo Bags Direct.