OXO Biodegradable Technology in our bags

To help you buy our dog waste bags with the utmost confidence, we have detailed below some further information about our oxo-biodegradable technology used in our poop bags on a roll and pantry rolls. At Poo Bags Direct we know the importance of cleaning up after your dogs and looking after our planet so we are always seeking the latest, most advanced technology to bring you the best in dog poop bags in the world.

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For plastics, degradation refers to change in chemical structure and loss in mechanical properties caused by a specific environment, resulting in the plastic breaking down into small fragments. Biodegradability results from the actions of naturally occurring micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae and results in the plastic fragments being consumed. Conventional plastic materials are extremely resistant to degradation and bio-degradation and persist in the environment for decades, or even centuries.

How Does TDPA® Work?

TDPA® works by way of the oxo bio-degradation process, which occurs in two stages. In the first stage, TDPA® accelerates the plastic degradation process by several orders of magnitude, whereby the long polymer molecules are reduced to shorter and shorter lengths and undergo oxidation (oxygen groups attach themselves to the polymer molecules). This process is triggered by heat (elevated temperatures found in landfills or composting), UV light (a component of sunlight) and mechanical stress (e.g. wind or compaction in a landfill). Oxidation causes the molecules to become hydrophilic (water- attracting) and small enough to be ingested by micro-organisms, setting the stage for bio-degradation to begin.

In the second stage, bio-degradation occurs in the presence of moisture and micro-organisms typically found in the environment. The plastic material is completely broken down into the residual products of the bio-degradation process. As micro-organisms consume the degraded plastic, carbon dioxide, water, and biomass are produced and returned to nature by way of the bio-cycle.

This process can take 24 to 36 months so please do not leave your used dog bags lying in the street or hanging from trees as we have recently read in some reports and news articles. Dog poop bags can be disposed of in any bin, if there is a dog poop bin then even better or just take it home and dispose of with your regular waste.

Keep Britain Tidy

Do your bit in making sure that dog fouling does not spoil your neighbourhood or surrounding countryside, bag it and bin it!

Worrying news reports about dog poop bags not being disposed if in the correct manner, remember even when the bag does biodegrade the poo will still be inside and nobody wants that dropping from the trees onto their heads. Also please do not throw your bags into the long grass or leave on the beach this is damaging for both the environment and wildlife. Some reports: Dog Poop Bags in bushes, Dog Poop Bags on Beaches, Dog poop bags in trees.

Thank you from the Poo Bags Direct Team